Incident Handling and Response to Insider Threats

Because an insider is an employee, is a trusted person and has access to various data, insider threats are major risks for organizations. Organizations are investing to prevent perimeter against external threat but focusing less […]

Product Review: Cyber AI Analyst

Best enterprise security solution finalists announced by SCMagazine. DarkTrace’s Cyber AI Analyst is one of these solutions, and since I like its mentality, want to write something about it. For most of the organizations, one […]

Data Carving with Foremost

Foremost is a valuable tool for Linux Forensics. It is a console tool and you can recover files based on their different properties. This is basicly data carving process. Foremost can work on image files […]

System Analysis with Process Explorer

Computer forensics is a set of methodological techniques to gather, identify and present evidence from digital equipment. There are many different techniques required. One of them is getting the system information. Process Explorer is a […]