Image Reverse Search

With the growth of social media usage, fake news and social media scams are growing too. For many reasons, we need to correct the posts before we believe and/or share them. Image reverse shell is an OSINT technique, very important because of these social media and news scams and as easy as it is important.

To see if the news is true, one of the tools we can use is image reverse search. There are many ways for this but here, we will explain the easiest ones.

Suppose we have the above image and we want to know when and where it was filmed. We start with Google search.


In Google Images, press the camera icon and upload the image.

We can then directly find the web sites including this image. So, we can find where and when it was filmed. We now learn that this image is from Syria and showing an airstrike. So if we see that it was shared for another news as scam, we can know the truth about it.


It is also same with Yandex. We upload the image to Yandex Images in the same way.

Yandex can find more than Google so I recommend you to use Yandex too in your searches.

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