Kali Purple

Kali is the best known red teaming and pentest Linux distribution for many years. It has hundreds of pentesting tools as the rewrite of BackTrack.

In years, with the complexity of attacks, organizations created their own red and blue teams in the organization. And because of the different approaches of these teams, purple teams that including both blue and red team capabilities founded. It is not the subject of this article so do not want to talk about purple teams now, just want to mention new Kali distribution, Kali Purple that is designed for both blue and red teams.

Kali purple is not only including red teaming tools, but also blue team capabilities in it. As the blue team capabilities, users can practice on firewall and IPS rules, several SIEM analysis and dashboards. It is also providing creating rules for blue teams.

In the roadmap of Kali Purple, Elastic installer and custom Kibana dashboards will be added in Q2 2023. Also it is mentioned that the additional road map will be designed with the needs of community.

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