Sberbank Temporarily Stopped Updates

As the sanctions against Russia gradually increased, we saw that technology companies also participated in these sanctions at a large rate. Meanwhile, cyber attacks against Russia continue with all their violence by different threat actors. Against these sanctions and threats, different measures stand out on the Russian side.

Sberbank, one of the biggest banks in Russia, temporarily stop updating software due to the increased risk of device infection.

We urge users to stop updating software now, and developers to tighten control over the use of external source code. If there is an urgent need to use software, be sure to check all downloaded files with an antivirus, and when using someone else’s source code in your programs, conduct a manual or automated check, including, view the text of the source code,” Sberbank officials said.

The use of such software can lead to infection of personal and corporate computers, as well as IT infrastructure.The most important attack like this was experienced with the Solarwinds case. Customers of Solarwinds hacked because of the infected update of its Orion software and went undetected for months until Mandiant determined the malicious.

These latest events that emerged with the war showed us that there will be big changes in the cyber security industry in the coming days. On the one hand, many large cybersecurity manufacturers are buying smaller companies, it seems like countries will concentrate more on local cyber security and even IT product production.

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