In the first week of September, we detected that ZulikGroup is actively attacking mostly Lithuanian, Estonian, Ukrainian and Polish targets. Some of the targets of the group; Latvia’s Ministry of Defense Tourism website DNB Bank SMP Bank Parliament of Latvia SweedBankLV Security Service ofContinue Reading

Russian threat actor group called “Bluenet Russia” targeted Zurich airport with DDoS attack. With the attack, the website of Switzerland’s largest airport ( is down. After the attack, the threat actor also mentioned that Microsoft’s ISP can’t handle a DDOS attack. Bluenet also carried out attacks on different airports inContinue Reading

The Downradar service recently reported a wave of disruptions in the functioning of the Google search engine across Russia. As of 18:30 Moscow time, a surge of more than 1,000 complaints highlighting various issues had flooded in. This unexpected event sheds light on the challenges faced by users in accessingContinue Reading

Italy’s cybersecurity agency recently uncovered a series of targeted hacker attacks against the websites of several major banks, causing temporary disruptions to their online services. The agency has identified these attacks as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) campaigns carried out by pro-Russian groups. The targeted financial institutions include Intesa Sanpaolo,Continue Reading

The hacktivist group known as ‘Anonymous Russia’ announced they start to launch an attack on some Turkey-based websites on Twitter. Anonymous Russia is notorious for its sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks, which pose significant risks to individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide. Please visit here for their some activities.Continue Reading

A Russian hacker group, identified as NoName57, has taken responsibility for a recent denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the New Zealand Parliament website. The cyber-attack was reportedly executed as retaliation against the New Zealand Government’s support of Ukraine during the Russian invasion. The DDoS attack temporarily disrupted the functioning of theContinue Reading

In a shocking revelation, a US-based cybersecurity firm has uncovered a cyber-attack by a Russian intelligence agency targeting multiple embassies in Ukraine. The attack was orchestrated by intercepting a used car advertisement sent by a Polish diplomat based in Kyiv. The hackers, believed to be affiliated with the Russian intelligenceContinue Reading

In a significant and disturbing development within the cybercrime underworld, it is reported that several pro-Russian hacking groups are purportedly joining forces to launch an aggressive cyberattack on the Western financial system. This alleged alliance, including notorious hacking entities such as Killnet, REvil, and Anonymous Sudan, is said to beContinue Reading