Two of the world’s leading airlines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, recently reported data breaches caused by a cyber attack on Pilot Credentials. This third-party service provider handles the pilot applications and recruitment portals for numerous airlines. The data breach, which was initially reported to the airlines on May 3,Continue Reading

In a significant and disturbing development within the cybercrime underworld, it is reported that several pro-Russian hacking groups are purportedly joining forces to launch an aggressive cyberattack on the Western financial system. This alleged alliance, including notorious hacking entities such as Killnet, REvil, and Anonymous Sudan, is said to beContinue Reading

A recent survey conducted by Yale University’s ‘CEO Summit’, a prestigious leadership gathering that includes the top brass from globally influential companies, has revealed some startling viewpoints concerning the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in our future. The findings, initially published by CNN, demonstrate a lack of consensus among businessContinue Reading

Artificial intelligence (AI) embodies an unprecedented technological revolution, propelling our societies towards a future rife with incredible possibilities. Nevertheless, alongside these promises of efficiency and innovation, there lies a shadow of threats capable of undermining trust in AI systems. The dual-use nature of AI allows it to be used beneficially,Continue Reading

Shadow Admins have long been a hidden cybersecurity risk, quietly existing in many IT environments, often unbeknownst to IT teams. They are users that aren’t part of recognized Active Directory (AD) administrative groups, such as Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins, Administrators, and the like, yet they possess administrative privilegesContinue Reading

As the G7 summit approaches, Japan has witnessed a surge in cyberattacks targeting companies and government offices. The increase in cyberattacks coincides with a two-day meeting of G7 ministers, where important digital issues, including AI governance and secure digital infrastructure, are being discussed. Cyberattacks in Japan Since March, Japan hasContinue Reading

Deepfake porn videos represent a significant threat to individuals and organizations worldwide. The role of artificial intelligence in creating these videos is significant, and the dangers of deepfake porn videos are significant. It is essential that individuals and organizations take steps to protect themselves from the risks associated with theseContinue Reading

Cybercrime has long been a male-dominated field, with men often being the perpetrators of hacking, phishing, and other illegal activities online. However, recent studies have shown that women are increasingly becoming involved in cybercrime, both as active participants and as victims. A report by cybersecurity firm TrendMicro found that whileContinue Reading

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) platforms like MISP and OpenCTI are designed to help organizations collect, analyze, and share threat intelligence data. These platforms offer a range of features and capabilities, but there are significant differences between them. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between MISP and OpenCTI, so you canContinue Reading