As Taiwan approaches its upcoming presidential and legislative elections, authorities are sounding the alarm over increasingly sophisticated cognitive warfare tactics deployed by Beijing. These tactics involve hackers targeting network devices to spread disinformation and manipulate public opinion, with several of these cyberattacks traced back to Hong Kong. In recent years,Continue Reading

The threat actor wolfdata advertised alleged access to a Taiwanese government webshell in forum. The threat actor did not give any additional information about the website but only it is a subdomain not main domain. ‘Hello i am selling a webshell, not willing to disclose the domain toContinue Reading

Recent geopolitical tensions between China and Taiwan have been exacerbated by an uptick in China’s military assertiveness and provocative regional behavior. This culminated in China being recognized as the top threat actor nation in late 2022, wielding its cyber capabilities to pressure Taiwan, a self-governing democracy, which has always repudiatedContinue Reading