In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, a new phishing scam dubbed “DarkGate Loader” has emerged, specifically targeting Microsoft Teams users. This malicious campaign has recently come to light, and its deceptive tactics make it a serious concern for individuals and organizations using the collaboration platform. Identifying the DarkGate LoaderContinue Reading

The Irish Ukrainian community is grappling with an alarming situation as fake letters, purporting to be from the Department of Justice, have been sent to several Ukrainian men living in Ireland. These letters, bearing the date September 7th, falsely claim that extradition requests have been initiated against the recipients, compellingContinue Reading

Criminal Gangs Preying on Vulnerable Victims in Multi-Billion Dollar Scam Operations A recent report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has exposed a disturbing surge in the involvement of criminal gangs in Southeast Asia, forcing hundreds of thousands of individuals into participating in illegal online scam operations.Continue Reading

There seems to be a significant increase in incidents resulting from fake job postings. It seems that the widespread use of remote work after Covid has an effect on this. These fake ads – job scams – often manage to attract employees with remote working conditions and high salaries. JobContinue Reading

With the growth of social media usage, fake news and social media scams are growing too. For many reasons, we need to correct the posts before we believe and/or share them. Image reverse shell is an OSINT technique, very important because of these social media and news scams and asContinue Reading