South Korea’s government delivered a stern message to Kimsuky, a North Korean hacking group, when it imposed fresh sanctions on Friday. The notorious group, known for its role in providing technology used in North Korea’s recent failed satellite launch, operates under the umbrella of the North Korean military intelligence agency.Continue Reading

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that they ban telecom and surveillance equipment from Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE, Hytera, Hikvision, and Dahua due to national security threat. “The FCC is committed to protecting our national security by ensuring that untrustworthy communications equipment is not authorized for use within ourContinue Reading

After many companies sanctioned Russia, Cisco announced that it would leave Russia in June. According to CNews, illegal Cisco licenses appeared on sale in Russia after this decision. It is mentioned that there are several methods to use Cisco licenses illegally. There are cases when a government agency hacked aContinue Reading