JumpCloud Resets API Keys for Customers Amid Ongoing Incident Cloud directory-as-a-service provider JumpCloud Inc. recently made the decision to reset admin application programming interface (API) keys for its customers due to an undisclosed “ongoing incident.” While the specifics of the incident remain undisclosed, JumpCloud has taken this precautionary measure toContinue Reading

About twenty years ago, antivirus, IPS and firewall were managed by security teams – mostly organizations had only one information security team, and the most important thing was getting up to date IPS signatures and antivirus database. But, SOCs are growing year by year because of new attack techniques andContinue Reading

In “Open Threat Exchange” post we mentioned that shared IoCs by other parties on Open Threat Exchange. Open IoCs are nice since they are manufacturer independent and can be used in a lot of different technologies for detecting threats. Viewing Existing IoCs In this post, we will mention on MandiantContinue Reading

Because an insider is an employee, is a trusted person and has access to various data, insider threats are major risks for organizations. Organizations are investing to prevent perimeter against external threat but focusing less on internal threats. This is the other factor that making insider threat more risky. AttacksContinue Reading

As organizations, and security teams, we purchased many security devices for providing both network and endpoint security. However, attacks continue at the same pace, even we faced bigger attacks last year, and they are getting more sophisticated. So, what is the next step for organizations? NDR market guide was sharedContinue Reading