Singapore – In response to the growing concern over rampant payment and transfer scams, Singaporean officials have announced plans to introduce a split liability scheme that will hold both consumers and banks accountable for financial losses resulting from scams. This move aims to address a pressing question in the digitalContinue Reading

Artificial intelligence (AI) embodies an unprecedented technological revolution, propelling our societies towards a future rife with incredible possibilities. Nevertheless, alongside these promises of efficiency and innovation, there lies a shadow of threats capable of undermining trust in AI systems. The dual-use nature of AI allows it to be used beneficially,Continue Reading

In a groundbreaking move that underscores China’s stringent approach to artificial intelligence (AI) regulation, Chinese law enforcement recently arrested a man for utilizing AI technology to generate fabricated news. The individual, known only by his surname, Hong, stands accused of using an AI chatbot to create a fake news storyContinue Reading