In a shocking turn of events, the multinational aerospace company Boeing has found itself on the victims list of the notorious Lockbit ransomware group. The cybercriminals’ audacious move raises significant concerns, considering Boeing’s standing as a global giant with an estimated annual revenue of $66.61 billion and a vast workforceContinue Reading

Location: Bogotá, Colombia Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro convened an emergency meeting with the country’s security forces following a recent cyber attack that crippled more than two dozen government websites. The attack, which occurred early Wednesday, targeted one of the government’s web hosting providers, IFX Networks, and left the entire judicialContinue Reading

Hong Kong’s prominent technology hub, Cyberport, finds itself in the crosshairs of a menacing ransomware group, Trigona, as it grapples with a cybersecurity crisis. The group claims to have successfully infiltrated Cyberport’s computer systems, encrypting and purportedly pilfering 400GB of sensitive data, including personal information and identity card photos. SourcesContinue Reading

Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have joined forces to establish a global platform aimed at combating ransomware hackers, as announced by the Israeli government on Wednesday. This collaborative effort comes on the heels of Israel’s assistance to the UAE in fending off a major cyberattack. The UAE’s headContinue Reading

Calgary-based Suncor Energy, one of Canada’s leading oil companies, has recently reported a cyber security incident that has prompted an investigation. The company has notified the relevant authorities and engaged third-party experts to address the situation. While specific details about the attack and its impact on Suncor’s operations remain undisclosed,Continue Reading

Ferrari S.p.A., the renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer headquartered in Maranello, has recently suffered a significant data breach. According to reports, a threat actor gained access to a limited number of systems in the company’s IT environment and demanded a ransom for access to specific client contact information. TheContinue Reading