In a recent report by cybersecurity firm Checkmarx, researchers have uncovered a new wave of malware targeting developers working with the widely-used Python language. Specifically designed to infect computers of developers seeking to obfuscate their code, these malicious packages masquerade as legitimate tools, often appearing in open-source code libraries. AccordingContinue Reading

Sonatype, a software supply chain management company, has issued a warning about a malicious Python package called “aptX.” According to Sonatype’s recent blog post, the aptX package contained a hidden payload that could drop a Meterpreter shell and delete the evidence of its activity from the victim’s system by removingContinue Reading

While creating a virtual environment, basically $ virtualenv venv comment may not work because of the python version installed on the machine. It can cause the error below; The best way is to run the command and create a virtual environment in MacOS is to run the command below; $Continue Reading

While using PhotoImage object in Tkinter, the reference must be held. Tkinter does not handle references to the objects truly. If you do not use your own reference, Tkinter just makes the image transparent, just a blank screen. As an example; When we write the code without the reference like;Continue Reading