Cairo Airport was targeted by the hacktivist group Anonymous Collective.  While the airport website is down more than 25 hours, Cairo Airport Company announced an investigation into the attack attempt. The group announced that the reason of the attack is the Israeli support of Egypt. Meanwhile, the attackers warned that theyContinue Reading

As the Israel-Hamas conflict intensified, a new battleground emerged in the form of digital warfare. The battlefield was not on the ground but in cyberspace, where Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks wreaked havoc on numerous Israeli online platforms, specifically targeting media outlets and software companies. A recent report byContinue Reading

How Recent Conflicts Highlight the Changing Role of Social Media Platforms In recent years, the role of social media platforms in our daily lives has transformed. They’ve evolved from mere information-sharing tools to algorithmic media outlets, prioritizing entertainment over real-time news updates. Recent conflicts in the Middle East illustrate thisContinue Reading

In a series of escalating cyber actions, Anonymous Sudan has purportedly announced its latest target: Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. This follows the group’s previous claims of targeting Alert applications within Israel, raising concerns about the potential implications of these digital offensives. The recent developments suggest that Anonymous Sudan isContinue Reading

Killnet Threat Group Takes Responsibility as Tensions Rise In a chilling development amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, a Russian hacker group known as Killnet has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the Israeli government’s website. This incident adds a new layer of complexity to an already volatile situation, asContinue Reading