In a significant breach of security, a threat actor has claimed responsibility for infiltrating the databases of two prominent Canadian universities, the University of Ottawa and the University of Concordia. The breach, allegedly carried out in 2023, has exposed the personal data of potentially thousands of individuals associated with theseContinue Reading

Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old US Air Force serviceman, has been accused of leaking classified data from the Pentagon and American intelligence agencies. Hundreds of sensitive documents were discovered on the popular gaming platform Discord. The New York Times and investigative reporter Arik Toler revealed Teixeira’s identity, while Vanity Fair interviewedContinue Reading

Social media giant Twitter has confirmed that part of its source code was leaked online and remained in the public domain for an unknown period of time. The information was available on GitHub, an online platform for software developers, and was only removed on Friday after the leak was detected.Continue Reading

We come across a lot of passwords that are put up for sale every day on the dark web. Cybersecurity company SpyCloud’s 2023 Identity Exposure Report shows us how serious the situation is. According to the report, 721.5 million exposed credential detected in 2022. 50% of these credentials came fromContinue Reading

We face too many breaches happen every day. Just want to share some important ones of them happened this week here. As an important note; these are the sharing of attackers and these information need verification. Indonesia Vaccine Data:The threat actor RichTheKid shared that they have 690k records of IndonesiaContinue Reading

Anonymous continues to target Russian government entities and private businesses. Lastly, it is announced that Russian Orthodox Church’s charitable wing hacked by Anonymous group. The group leaked 15GB of data however, they offer to share this data only to journalists or researches. This week, Thozis Corp. was another victim ofContinue Reading

Last month, Birdgestone faced a cyber attack and were shut down factories on February 27. Power outages are reported at factories in Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Canada for long time after the incident. After the incident, LockBit ransomware claimed responsibility for it. It is mentioned thatContinue Reading

Samsung has confirmed the leak of the company’s internal data, including source code associated with Galaxy smartphones. “According to our initial analysis, the leak includes source code related to the operations of Galaxy devices, but does not include personal information of our customers and employees” Samsung officials told Bloomberg. OfficialsContinue Reading

As we red the details in, an attacker has abused a vulnerability in a cryptocurrency platform and stole crypto-assets worth $322.8 million at the time of stealing. The news is very detailed in the blog so does not want to mention the details here again. But, the interesting thingContinue Reading