Google Cloud posted a forecast report for 2024 predictions about 2024. The report discusses the impact of new technologies on both attackers and defenders in 2024. It notes the potential for gen AI to enable convincing phishing campaigns and information operations at scale, posing challenges for defenders. However, defenders areContinue Reading

Google has accused Microsoft of engaging in anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing industry. In a recent blog post, Google criticized Microsoft’s deals with rivals and claimed that these agreements were designed to limit competition in the market. According to Google, Microsoft has been using its dominance in the cloudContinue Reading

Cobalt Strike is a legitimate, commercial penetration testing tool mostly used by red teams and for security trainings. However, it is widely used as cracked by threat actors for intrusion and lateral movement in their victims’ networks. Google Cloud has released some open source YARA rules for detecting Cobalt StrikeContinue Reading