Transposition cipher uses an algorithm to rearrange the letters of a plaintext, forming the ciphertext. The purpose of the columnar transposition encryption method is to change the positions of the characters without changing their identities. It can be applied by using a password or simply by changing the row column.Continue Reading

To avoid sanctions after Ukraine invasion, Moscow has set up its own certificate authority to issue TLS certs. As announced in government’s website, certificates will be made available to Russian websites unable to renew or obtain security certificates as a knock-on effect of Western sanctions and organizations refusing to supportContinue Reading

Before, we posted about Apple’s CSAM detection plans and worries about this process of customers that it could be weaponized against users’ privacy. Apple now temporarily pausing the process because of these worries of the customers. Apple announced this delay on its Child Safety website as; “Update as of SeptemberContinue Reading

Apple announced new features for limiting the spread of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in the U.S. “The Messages app will use on-device machine learning to warn about sensitive content, while keeping private communications unreadable by Apple” says Apple. New Features Against CSAM Apple is introducing new child safety featuresContinue Reading