In a concerning development that has sent shockwaves through Japan’s cybersecurity landscape, an international threat actor has advertised staggering amounts of personal information on the dark web, leaving millions of Japanese citizens and large shopping malls exposed to potential identity theft and cyberattacks. Large Shopping Malls in Crosshairs The sagaContinue Reading

In a grave breach of data security, a threat actor called ‘Data Trader Market’ has revealed the compromise of a staggering 70 million records of Pakistani citizens’ personal information in Telegram. The breach is marked by its scale and depth, as sensitive details including names, mobile numbers, addresses, national identificationContinue Reading

In a significant blow to Australia’s energy sector, Energy One, a prominent player in the industry, has fallen victim to a cyber attack that has compromised its corporate systems across both Australia and the UK. The breach, which occurred on August 18, was confirmed by the company in an officialContinue Reading

In a concerning turn of events, Norfolk and Suffolk police have acknowledged mishandling the sensitive data of individuals involved in various criminal cases, ranging from domestic abuse incidents to hate crimes. This breach has raised serious questions about data protection protocols within law enforcement agencies and has prompted an investigationContinue Reading

Database of that is containing critical data such as name, surname, e-mail address, and password of 760,000 users. The threat actor claimed that access to the database continued. confirmed the data breach with sharing the information on its website. There is no information yet about how the databaseContinue Reading

Threat actor GooseWork advertised a malicious extension for Chrome that is capable of stealing credentials, cookies, auto complete data, credit cards in ‘The project involves the creation of a new exchange that includes a crypto wallet (analogous to metamask). There is a fully functional website.Redesign.The exchange forces the userContinue Reading

According to intelligence over Telegram, on 9th of August, threat actor Darknet Marauders shared the database of GenBank from US National Center for Biotechnology Information ( The National Center for Biotechnology Information, founded in 1988, is a part of United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) and advances science andContinue Reading