The threat actor wolfdata advertised alleged access to a Taiwanese government webshell in forum. The threat actor did not give any additional information about the website but only it is a subdomain not main domain. ‘Hello i am selling a webshell, not willing to disclose the domain toContinue Reading

Cybercrime has long been a male-dominated field, with men often being the perpetrators of hacking, phishing, and other illegal activities online. However, recent studies have shown that women are increasingly becoming involved in cybercrime, both as active participants and as victims. A report by cybersecurity firm TrendMicro found that whileContinue Reading

The Penang state government in Malaysia has suffered a data breach that has exposed personal information of individuals who had submitted applications to the state government for various services. The leak included names, identification numbers, phone numbers, and addresses of affected individuals. The breach was discovered by a cybersecurity firm,Continue Reading

A threat actor advertises data of a Turkish gold mining company called Anagold in is a forum created as an alternative to Anagold is a mining company which is a partner of Canadian SSR Mining company and has gold mines in Turkey. In the past months, thereContinue Reading

Organizations invests more and more to security tools, breach statistics keep increasing. About ten years ago and more, attackers were mostly alone, and were using basic tools, so it was easier to block them. But with the advanced techniques and tools, and the groups that came together to attack, madeContinue Reading

log4j persistently keeps its place on the agenda. Although it has been stated that it is very critical and many articles have been written about it, a list has been published and put up for sale that is including more than 500k potential and 220k vulnerable hosts. You can reachContinue Reading

Almost all applications and web sites are trying to learn who we are and what we are looking for on the internet. These informations are being used for many different reasons like advertisements and to detect malicious attempts. Again, for many reasons, it is very important to surf internet anonymously.Continue Reading

While talking on Dark Web, one is the most confused concepts with Dark Web is Deep Web. But first, I want to touch Surface Web. Surface Web is the indexable part of the internet. This includes all websites that you can find via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.Continue Reading