Introduction: Orca Security, a leading cybersecurity company, has recently published its comprehensive 2023 Honeypotting in the Cloud Report. This highly informative report sheds light on the tactics and techniques employed by attackers in the cloud environment. By deploying honeypots across various cloud resources, Orca Security provides valuable insights into theContinue Reading

Insider threats have always been a concern for organizations. Employees, contractors, or third-party vendors with authorized access to sensitive information can cause significant harm to an organization’s reputation and financial well-being. In today’s digital world, cloud computing has become a ubiquitous part of most organizations’ IT infrastructures, making it evenContinue Reading

On 1st of February, Check Point announced that acquired Spectral. Spectral is a startup founded in 2020 in Israel and focuses on code safety and trust, fast code scanning and simple and cool developer experience. Can scan code and files in a matter of seconds, and is able to detectContinue Reading

As more and more companies are starting to use cloud because of ease of deployment and integration with business needs and due to its scalability, the pandemic and changing business models forced usage of it more. From IT perspective, cloud usage provides a lot of convenience. With using cloud, companiesContinue Reading

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the selection of a first round of “trusted providers” for cloud security. CSA, a dedicated organization for defining best practices for cloud security, assumes that these trustmarks (will be displayed on each organization’s Security, Trust, Assurance and Risk (STAR) registery) will assist customers inContinue Reading