In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, staying informed about the activities of threat actor groups is crucial. Red Alert, a reputable cybersecurity firm, recently released its monthly threat actor group report for July 2023, shedding light on the activities of various hacking groups worldwide. Here, we summarize key findings fromContinue Reading

In the wake of devastating wildfires that ravaged Maui, Hawaii, last month, a new frontier in information warfare emerged as China’s information warriors seized the opportunity to spread disinformation. While natural disasters often bring communities together in solidarity, some chose to exploit these tragic events to advance their own narratives.Continue Reading

“Spamouflage Dragon” Campaign Unveiled: A Four-Year Influence Campaign Spreading Disinformation In a groundbreaking revelation, security researchers at Meta have uncovered what is being described as the most extensive covert propaganda campaign ever identified on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. The campaign, dubbed “Spamouflage Dragon,” has been attributed to China,Continue Reading

The Biden administration is grappling with a grave cybersecurity challenge as it seeks to uncover and eradicate covert malicious computer code embedded by China within vital U.S. infrastructure. This hidden malware has raised concerns about potential disruptions to power grids, communications networks, and water supplies that serve military bases bothContinue Reading

Source: Reuters In a significant move aimed at improving market access, China and New Zealand signed cooperative arrangements during a visit by New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins. As New Zealand seeks to enhance its exports, concerns about over-reliance on China have been raised, given the escalating geopolitical tensions. However,Continue Reading

Recent geopolitical tensions between China and Taiwan have been exacerbated by an uptick in China’s military assertiveness and provocative regional behavior. This culminated in China being recognized as the top threat actor nation in late 2022, wielding its cyber capabilities to pressure Taiwan, a self-governing democracy, which has always repudiatedContinue Reading

The technology industry, home to some of the world’s most sensitive and valuable intellectual property, finds itself increasingly in the crosshairs of international cyber espionage efforts. These clandestine operations frequently target proprietary data that, once stolen, could provide significant military or commercial advantage. China, with its ambition to become self-sufficientContinue Reading

In a groundbreaking move that underscores China’s stringent approach to artificial intelligence (AI) regulation, Chinese law enforcement recently arrested a man for utilizing AI technology to generate fabricated news. The individual, known only by his surname, Hong, stands accused of using an AI chatbot to create a fake news storyContinue Reading

Google has suspended the official Play store app of Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo due to the presence of malware. The tech giant also warned users that several of Pinduoduo’s other apps contain the same malware, which can install widgets on affected devices, prevent users from uninstalling apps, track app usageContinue Reading