In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, organizations deploy an array of testing methodologies to fortify their defense mechanisms against evolving threats. These methodologies span a spectrum of approaches, each meticulously designed to evaluate and enhance distinct facets of an organization’s security posture. Types of Security Testing: Understanding Breach Attack SimulationContinue Reading

Recently, Check Point Research (CPR) discovered a malicious campaign targeting Armenian-based targets, including private companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government entities. The campaign, dubbed “Operation Armenium,” involves a sophisticated multi-stage attack that employs various methods to evade detection. The first stage of the attack involves phishing emails that use socialContinue Reading

Hackers targeted the website of Bahrain’s international airport, adding a message in support of the country’s pro-democracy movement. The attack was claimed by a group calling themselves the “Bahraini Fallaga Team,” who have previously targeted other Middle Eastern governments. In their message, the group expressed solidarity with the Bahraini peopleContinue Reading

One of the largest Ukrainian telecom-providers, Ukrtelecom, suffered in the powerful attack on March 28, 2022. It was just an incident during the hybrid warfare between Russia and Ukraine, that we are always trying to inform you about the latest situations. Ukrtelecom’s CIO Kyrylo Honcharuk spoke about the details ofContinue Reading

For many years, we are using vulnerability scanners to identify security weaknesses and flaws in our internet facing environment. A vulnerability scan is an automated process and critically important for organizations to see what vulnerabilities they have and attackers can use if they target them. Despite all this success, widespreadContinue Reading

While the whole world is dealing with the ongoing cyber war with the land war between Russia and Ukraine, the Iranian threat group TEMP.Zagros (aka MuddyWater) has been attributed to a new swarm of attacks targeting Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula with the goal of deploying remote access trojans (RATs)Continue Reading

Toyota, Japanese automobile giant halts production at all 28 lines of its 14 plants in Japan starting March 1, after a “system failure” at a supplier caused problems with its just-in-time production control system. The supplier mentioned here is KOJIMA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION hit by a cyber attack, supplies Toyota severalContinue Reading

After increasing attacks to Ukraine day by day, last week, Ukraine asked IT pros to help defending its IT infrastructure and attack specific targets. In recent days, we have seen anonymous declared that they are supporting now Ukraine and also several attacks to Russia from volunteers supporting Ukraine. Cyberpolice ofContinue Reading

Before Russian troops entered Ukraine, both government and companies of Ukraine faced several cyber attacks. While these cyber attacks are expected to spread all over the world, the attacks on Ukraine continue. A few days ago, according to Reuters, Ukraine asks hackers to help defending its cyber structure. “The governmentContinue Reading

Anonymous, an international hacking collective that has declared war against Russia and conducted cyber attacks against several organizations including government. The “YourAnonNews” Twitter account declared the war on Twitter on Thursday. Ukrainian organizations were under attack for a while and thus, the cyber warfare has taken a two-sided turn. “WeContinue Reading