In a significant turn of events, an array of government websites in Senegal was brought down in a massive cyberattack, revealing the susceptibility of government cyberspace infrastructure. The incident comes amidst growing political tensions in the country, just nine months before the presidential elections. Allegedly, the renowned hacker collective knownContinue Reading

In recent months, a mysterious hacktivist group known as Anonymous Sudan has launched numerous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on Swedish institutions such as airports, hospitals, banks, and the national public broadcaster. These attacks, which render websites and services inoperable through an onslaught of internet traffic, were purportedly a reaction toContinue Reading

Anonymous continues to target Russian government entities and private businesses. Lastly, it is announced that Russian Orthodox Church’s charitable wing hacked by Anonymous group. The group leaked 15GB of data however, they offer to share this data only to journalists or researches. This week, Thozis Corp. was another victim ofContinue Reading

Toyota, Japanese automobile giant halts production at all 28 lines of its 14 plants in Japan starting March 1, after a “system failure” at a supplier caused problems with its just-in-time production control system. The supplier mentioned here is KOJIMA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION hit by a cyber attack, supplies Toyota severalContinue Reading

Before Russian troops entered Ukraine, both government and companies of Ukraine faced several cyber attacks. While these cyber attacks are expected to spread all over the world, the attacks on Ukraine continue. A few days ago, according to Reuters, Ukraine asks hackers to help defending its cyber structure. “The governmentContinue Reading

Anonymous, an international hacking collective that has declared war against Russia and conducted cyber attacks against several organizations including government. The “YourAnonNews” Twitter account declared the war on Twitter on Thursday. Ukrainian organizations were under attack for a while and thus, the cyber warfare has taken a two-sided turn. “WeContinue Reading

As we red the details in, an attacker has abused a vulnerability in a cryptocurrency platform and stole crypto-assets worth $322.8 million at the time of stealing. The news is very detailed in the blog so does not want to mention the details here again. But, the interesting thingContinue Reading

Almost all applications and web sites are trying to learn who we are and what we are looking for on the internet. These informations are being used for many different reasons like advertisements and to detect malicious attempts. Again, for many reasons, it is very important to surf internet anonymously.Continue Reading