Another sanction decision against Russia came from Canonical. Canonical announced that they are cancelling support, professional services, and channel partnerships with Russian enterprises. “In response to the Russian invasion and acts of war in Ukraine, Canonical has sent notice of termination of support, professional services, and channel partnerships with RussianContinue Reading

Anonymous continues to target Russian government entities and private businesses. Lastly, it is announced that Russian Orthodox Church’s charitable wing hacked by Anonymous group. The group leaked 15GB of data however, they offer to share this data only to journalists or researches. This week, Thozis Corp. was another victim ofContinue Reading

For many years, we are using vulnerability scanners to identify security weaknesses and flaws in our internet facing environment. A vulnerability scan is an automated process and critically important for organizations to see what vulnerabilities they have and attackers can use if they target them. Despite all this success, widespreadContinue Reading

Lapsus$, which is seen as the most active threat group of recent weeks seen as responsible for attacks like Okta, Samsung, Nvidia and others. Before announcing the Okta breach, Lapsus$ also had threatened to breach Microsoft. At the beginning of the week, Bloomberg reported that the leader of the groupContinue Reading

Everything started with a post of Lapsus$ Telegram group including screenshots of Okta’s admin panel. We shared the news as asking whether Okta hacked? An update about the incident came from David Bradbury, the CSO of Okta as “the Okta service has not been breached and remains fully operational. ThereContinue Reading

Since December, we are reading about the actions of Lapsus$. Samsung, Nvidia, and Ubisoft were some of their victims. Analysts suspecting that some of the members of the group are from South America, and some of them from Europe. Lastly, the group shared a screenshot on their Telegram channel thatContinue Reading

As the sanctions against Russia gradually increased, we saw that technology companies also participated in these sanctions at a large rate. Meanwhile, cyber attacks against Russia continue with all their violence by different threat actors. Against these sanctions and threats, different measures stand out on the Russian side. Sberbank, oneContinue Reading

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues with all its violence in the cyber environment as well as on land. The day started with the news about the hacking of the websites of arbitration courts of the Russian Federation. The courts of Moscow, Primorsky, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk Territories and other regionsContinue Reading