Google has suspended the official Play store app of Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo due to the presence of malware. The tech giant also warned users that several of Pinduoduo’s other apps contain the same malware, which can install widgets on affected devices, prevent users from uninstalling apps, track app usageContinue Reading

Social media giant Twitter has confirmed that part of its source code was leaked online and remained in the public domain for an unknown period of time. The information was available on GitHub, an online platform for software developers, and was only removed on Friday after the leak was detected.Continue Reading

The recent decision by the French National Assembly to allow the use of AI technology for video surveillance during the Paris Olympics in 2024 is a cause for concern among human rights advocates and activists. While the stated purpose of this technology is to ensure the safety of millions ofContinue Reading

Cleafy Labs, a cybersecurity company, has discovered a new Android botnet called Nexus, which is capable of performing various malicious activities on infected devices. This discovery has raised concerns about the security of Android devices and the increasing threat of botnets. According to Cleafy Labs, Nexus has been active sinceContinue Reading

Biggest data theft in world history takes place in India. In a major breakthrough, the Cyberabad Police of Hyderabad City, Telangana, has arrested a gang involved in the massive data theft and sale of sensitive and confidential data of government agencies, important organizations, and over 16.8 crore Indian citizens. TheContinue Reading

Ferrari S.p.A., the renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer headquartered in Maranello, has recently suffered a significant data breach. According to reports, a threat actor gained access to a limited number of systems in the company’s IT environment and demanded a ransom for access to specific client contact information. TheContinue Reading

The North American National Basketball Association (NBA) has issued a warning to its fans about a recent data breach that has resulted in the theft of some personal information. In a statement, the NBA revealed that the data breach affected only those users who have agreed to receive emails fromContinue Reading

Baidu, China’s leading search engine, has recently launched an alternative to OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model called “Ernie Bot,” which has been receiving positive reviews for its ability to handle Chinese translations. The launch of Ernie Bot is part of Baidu’s ongoing efforts to enhance its search capabilitiesContinue Reading

Last year, after Russian invasion to Ukraine, most of the threat actors divided between Russia and Ukraine and most of them began to attack to Russian organizations from all over the world to support Ukraine. According to the news of, Ukraine is planning to create a new bill toContinue Reading