Anonymous, an international hacking collective that has declared war against Russia and conducted cyber attacks against several organizations including government. The “YourAnonNews” Twitter account declared the war on Twitter on Thursday. Ukrainian organizations were under attack for a while and thus, the cyber warfare has taken a two-sided turn. “WeContinue Reading

Russian troops entered Ukraine, the whole world is watching this situation with surprise and sadness. Before the invasion, numerous Ukrainian organizations getting hit with a sophisticated new disk-wiping malware. Mandiant is tracking this threat as ‘NEARMISS’ and ESET is tracking as ‘HermeticWiper’ and they reported that they found traces ofContinue Reading

AT&T Alien Labs last week announced that the source code of BotenaGo malware has been published in GitHub. BotenaGo was discovered and named in November 2021 by Alien Labs again, and according to the post of Alien Labs, the source code of this malware has been published on 16th ofContinue Reading

According to Belarusian website, developers with a Belarusian address of registration received a letter including a notification of account deactivation. It is also noticed that Apple conducts payments through the German Deutsche Bank, and a number of Belarusian banks, for example, Belinvestbank do not accept payments from it dueContinue Reading

As we red the details in, an attacker has abused a vulnerability in a cryptocurrency platform and stole crypto-assets worth $322.8 million at the time of stealing. The news is very detailed in the blog so does not want to mention the details here again. But, the interesting thingContinue Reading

Nucleus and Mandiant announced a strategic partnership about vulnerability intelligence. Through this partnership, Nucleus customers can have access to Mandiant Advantage Vulnerability Intelligence data in real time. “We spent the last year performing a deep dive into the vulnerability intelligence offerings of the leading threat intelligence providers and studying howContinue Reading

On 1st of February, Check Point announced that acquired Spectral. Spectral is a startup founded in 2020 in Israel and focuses on code safety and trust, fast code scanning and simple and cool developer experience. Can scan code and files in a matter of seconds, and is able to detectContinue Reading

Last year, STG (Symphony Technology Group) announced that they purchased FireEye’s production side and name rights. Previous year, STG bought McAfee’s enterprise solutions too. STG announced that the new brand name will be Trellix with the merge of FireEye and McAfee Enterprise. Trellix is preparing to present an XDR solutionContinue Reading

log4j persistently keeps its place on the agenda. Although it has been stated that it is very critical and many articles have been written about it, a list has been published and put up for sale that is including more than 500k potential and 220k vulnerable hosts. You can reachContinue Reading