We come across a lot of passwords that are put up for sale every day on the dark web. Cybersecurity company SpyCloud’s 2023 Identity Exposure Report shows us how serious the situation is. According to the report, 721.5 million exposed credential detected in 2022. 50% of these credentials came fromContinue Reading

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a valuable tool for gathering information about individuals, organizations, and events from publicly available sources. One of the most popular OSINT techniques is web scraping, which involves automatically extracting data from websites. In this article, I will explain what web scraping is, how it works,Continue Reading

In recent weeks, the European Commission, European Parliament and other institutions have instructed staff to delete the app off their work phones. Now, the company wants to convince European governments that it is an industry leader in data protection. The company outlined plans on Wednesday to build three European dataContinue Reading

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, has recently added a new feature to their platform that promises to provide more accurate and informative search results. The company has integrated AI-powered answers to its search engine called DuckAssist, which will allow users to get answers to their queries without having to clickContinue Reading

Cybercrime has long been a male-dominated field, with men often being the perpetrators of hacking, phishing, and other illegal activities online. However, recent studies have shown that women are increasingly becoming involved in cybercrime, both as active participants and as victims. A report by cybersecurity firm TrendMicro found that whileContinue Reading

A lot of things changed also in cyber security side with the war between Russia and Ukraine. With the beginning of the war, banks operating in Europe observed a sharp rise in attacks on their infrastructure. Andrea Enria, the head of the ECB, announced that the ECB will launch cyberContinue Reading

In today’s digital age, securing the supply chain has become more critical than ever. Cyber attackers are constantly looking for ways to breach the supply chain and steal sensitive data, manipulate transactions, and cause disruptions. Therefore, businesses must take proactive measures to protect their supply chain. In this article, weContinue Reading

Social media has become a powerful tool for OSINT professionals to gather information about individuals, companies, and organizations. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can provide valuable insights into a target’s behavior, preferences, interests, and connections. In this article, we will explore how to perform socialContinue Reading

Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) are two distinct domains that differ in their purpose, infrastructure, and security requirements. IT deals with data processing, storage, and communication technologies that are used to manage and support business operations. On the other hand, OT deals with the hardware and software systemsContinue Reading

Ransomware attacks have become one of the most significant threats to individuals, businesses, and governments around the world. Cybercriminals use ransomware to encrypt victims’ files and demand payment in exchange for the decryption key. In recent years, the frequency and sophistication of these attacks have increased, resulting in significant financialContinue Reading