Singapore – In response to the growing concern over rampant payment and transfer scams, Singaporean officials have announced plans to introduce a split liability scheme that will hold both consumers and banks accountable for financial losses resulting from scams. This move aims to address a pressing question in the digitalContinue Reading

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, staying informed about the activities of threat actor groups is crucial. Red Alert, a reputable cybersecurity firm, recently released its monthly threat actor group report for July 2023, shedding light on the activities of various hacking groups worldwide. Here, we summarize key findings fromContinue Reading

Location: Bogotá, Colombia Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro convened an emergency meeting with the country’s security forces following a recent cyber attack that crippled more than two dozen government websites. The attack, which occurred early Wednesday, targeted one of the government’s web hosting providers, IFX Networks, and left the entire judicialContinue Reading

As Nigeria’s 2023 general elections unfolded earlier this year, a troubling phenomenon emerged – a surge of websites peddling false information and disinformation. These sites, which appeared just in time for the elections, have sparked concerns about the spread of fake news and their potential influence on public opinion. TheContinue Reading

In the wake of devastating wildfires that ravaged Maui, Hawaii, last month, a new frontier in information warfare emerged as China’s information warriors seized the opportunity to spread disinformation. While natural disasters often bring communities together in solidarity, some chose to exploit these tragic events to advance their own narratives.Continue Reading

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, a new phishing scam dubbed “DarkGate Loader” has emerged, specifically targeting Microsoft Teams users. This malicious campaign has recently come to light, and its deceptive tactics make it a serious concern for individuals and organizations using the collaboration platform. Identifying the DarkGate LoaderContinue Reading