Anonymous Sudan Launches Operation Targeting Western Media Outlets

As we have mentioned in our previous reports, while the Israel-Palestine events continue on land, a fierce battle is also unfolding in the cyber realm.

The Anonymous Sudan group, which has been featured in the news multiple times before, is also actively involved in this conflict. In our previous reports, we had reported on the attacks by the Anonymous Sudan group against Israel.

A new Telegram channel named “Crush” – operated by Anonymous Sudan – announced an operation targeting Western media outlet with an Arabic – English post. The @Crush_sd Telegram channel was created on Oct. 2. The post stated that this operation was purportedly in response to the media’s promotion of “unverified fake news and propaganda against our brothers in Gaza”.

Some attacks carried out by the group against media organizations within the scope of this operation;

DateTargeted OrganizationTargeted URL
10/29/23New York
10/29/23The Washington
11/01/23The Associated Press (AP News)

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