OpenAI Red Teaming Network

OpenAI is on a mission to ensure the safety of AI models and systems, and they’re calling on domain experts from various fields to join the OpenAI Red Teaming Network. This open call is an invitation to individuals who want to contribute to the enhancement of AI safety, making it a collaborative effort to build safer models and products. But what exactly is the OpenAI Red Teaming Network, and why should you consider becoming a part of it? Let’s dive into the details.

What is the OpenAI Red Teaming Network?

The OpenAI Red Teaming Network is a critical component of OpenAI’s deployment process, aimed at rigorously evaluating and red teaming their AI models. In recent years, OpenAI’s red teaming efforts have evolved from internal adversarial testing to collaboration with external experts. This collaboration involves developing domain-specific risk taxonomies and evaluating potentially harmful capabilities in new AI systems. The network builds upon this foundation, deepening and broadening collaborations with external experts, research institutions, and civil society organizations.

The primary objective is to enhance the safety of AI models and products. While OpenAI already follows external governance practices like third-party audits, this network is a complementary effort to bring a diverse range of expertise into the fold.

The Role of the Red Teaming Network:

Members of the OpenAI Red Teaming Network play a pivotal role in providing continuous input to red teaming campaigns at various stages of model and product development. It’s not a one-time engagement; instead, it’s a sustained effort to ensure the safety and robustness of AI systems. Members are selected based on their expertise, and their contributions can vary, from as few as 5-10 hours per year for a specific project. The network fosters collaboration among its members, making red teaming a more iterative and collective process.

Why Should You Join?

Joining the OpenAI Red Teaming Network presents a unique opportunity to influence the development of AI technologies and policies. Your involvement can have a significant impact on how AI shapes our lives, work, and interactions. As a network member, you become a subject matter expert who is called upon to assess models and systems during their deployment.

Seeking Diverse Expertise:

OpenAI recognizes that assessing AI systems requires a wide range of expertise, diverse perspectives, and lived experiences. They are actively seeking applications from experts worldwide and are committed to prioritizing both geographic and domain diversity in their selection process.

Compensation and Confidentiality:

All members of the OpenAI Red Teaming Network will be compensated for their contributions when participating in a red teaming project. While membership won’t limit your ability to publish research or pursue other opportunities, it’s essential to understand that red teaming and related projects often involve Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or remain confidential for an indefinite period.


The OpenAI Red Teaming Network is a dynamic community of experts, working collectively to ensure AI safety. By joining, you become an integral part of shaping the future of AI, making it safer and more reliable. Your expertise and insights can contribute to the advancement of AI technologies and policies, benefiting society as a whole. If you’re passionate about AI safety and eager to make a difference, consider becoming a member of the OpenAI Red Teaming Network and be part of this groundbreaking endeavor. Your expertise can help secure the future of AI.

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