Intel Expands Partnership with Synopsys to Enhance Foundry Services

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its foundry services, Intel has deepened its collaboration with chip designer Synopsys. The extended partnership entails the infusion of fresh intellectual property (IP) and automation services into Intel’s Foundry Services, a step set to invigorate the capabilities and offerings of both companies.

The renewed deal encompasses the introduction of a novel portfolio of Synopsys IP tailored for Intel’s 3 and 18A process technologies. This development signifies a significant stride, providing Intel’s foundry clients with access to innovative Synopsys IP intricately woven with Intel’s cutting-edge process technologies.

Intel Foundry Services serves as a hub for various manufacturing solutions for a diverse range of customers. This expanded collaboration with Synopsys promises to streamline the design, implementation, and project timelines for system-on-chip (SoC) endeavors undertaken by Intel’s foundry clientele.

Joachim Kunkel, General Manager of Synopsys’ solutions group, lauded the enduring strategic collaboration between the two companies. He highlighted that this partnership has effectively empowered Intel to meet the intricate demands posed by data-intensive applications. Kunkel stated, “The collaboration with Intel on critical IP development, along with design and system technology optimization, empowers our mutual customers today and in the future to accelerate their next generation of high-performance, AI-enabled designs.”

The significance of this partnership goes beyond immediate gains, with an anticipated ripple effect on the credibility of Intel’s foundry services business. Synopsys, a reputable collaborator renowned for working with leading chip manufacturers including Taiwan’s TSMC, brings to the table a commendable track record of delivering top-notch IP solutions to a wide-ranging customer base.

Stuart Pann, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel Foundry Services, accentuated the value of this collaboration. He emphasized that Synopsys’ partnership would expedite the availability of IP for advanced Intel Foundry Services nodes, thereby propelling the realization of Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy. Pann expounded, “This transaction will foster a vibrant foundry ecosystem by allowing designers to fully realize the advantages of Intel 3 and Intel 18A process technologies and quickly bring differentiated products to market.”

The IDM 2.0 strategy encompasses the convergence of Intel’s internal factory network with third-party capacity, alongside the emergence of Intel Foundry Services. This forward-looking approach was initially unveiled by Intel in March 2021, and it has already yielded significant outcomes. Notably, the strategy spurred the creation of 1,600 high-skilled jobs in Ireland.

This move builds on Intel’s broader engagement strategy, which was underscored by the company’s multi-year agreement with UK chip designer Arm in April, aiming to incorporate fresh designs into its foundries. Moreover, the recent announcement of a $4.6 billion investment in a new chip plant in Poland further solidifies Intel’s commitment to meet the burgeoning demand for its products in the European market.

As Intel and Synopsys reinforce their collaboration, the tech industry watches closely to witness the tangible outcomes that this partnership will generate within the evolving landscape of foundry services and semiconductor innovation.

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