Suncor Energy Faces Cybersecurity Incident

Calgary-based Suncor Energy, one of Canada’s leading oil companies, has recently reported a cyber security incident that has prompted an investigation. The company has notified the relevant authorities and engaged third-party experts to address the situation. While specific details about the attack and its impact on Suncor’s operations remain undisclosed, reports from social media users indicate disruptions at Petro-Canada gas stations, including issues with credit and debit card payments and access to car wash services. Cybersecurity experts suggest that this incident may not be a minor data breach and could potentially be a significant cyber event with broader implications.

Investigation and Impacts

Suncor Energy has taken swift action by involving third-party experts to investigate the cyber security incident. The exact nature of the attack and the affected areas within the company have not been revealed. However, reports from Vancouver-based cybersecurity company Plurilock Security Inc. indicate that Suncor employees have encountered difficulties logging into their internal accounts, suggesting a potentially extensive cyber incident.

Ian L. Paterson, CEO of Plurilock Security Inc., expresses concerns about the incident, noting that the combination of reported issues, such as disruptions at Petro-Canada gas stations and internal login problems, suggests a significant cyber threat. He draws parallels to the Canadian Colonial Pipeline incident, emphasizing Suncor’s substantial role in the economy.

Potential Disruptive Attack

While official details are scarce, experts speculate that Suncor may have fallen victim to a disruptive attack, such as a ransomware operation. Such attacks have the potential to impact not only the organization’s data but also its operational technology and embedded payment systems. Disruptions in back-end software dependencies can reverberate throughout the company, affecting various functions and services.


As the investigation into the cyber security incident at Suncor Energy unfolds, the company remains committed to resolving the situation with the assistance of third-party experts and relevant authorities. The broader implications of the incident are yet to be fully understood, but experts emphasize the need for organizations to enhance their cybersecurity measures in the face of evolving threats. Cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure, such as the energy sector, serve as a reminder of the importance of robust security protocols and proactive defense strategies to safeguard sensitive data and ensure operational continuity.

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