Ferrari Hacked

Ferrari S.p.A., the renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer headquartered in Maranello, has recently suffered a significant data breach. According to reports, a threat actor gained access to a limited number of systems in the company’s IT environment and demanded a ransom for access to specific client contact information.

The breach exposed customers’ personal information, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, Ferrari has not discovered any evidence that payment information, bank account numbers, or other private payment information were accessed or compromised.

In response to the breach, Ferrari has notified its customers about the potential data exposure and the nature of the incident. The company has also informed the appropriate authorities and is collaborating with a leading global third-party cybersecurity firm to investigate the breach’s extent and consequences.

Ferrari breach notification letter

Ferrari has stated that paying the ransom demand goes against company policy as it supports criminal activity and enables threat actors to perpetuate their attacks. Instead, the company has collaborated with third-party experts to strengthen its systems further and is confident in its resilience.

Despite the breach, Ferrari confirms that the hack did not affect the company’s operational processes. The firm is continuing its business as usual, but it remains vigilant in its efforts to prevent future attacks.

The incident highlights the importance of cybersecurity measures for businesses of all sizes and industries. Cyberattacks can happen to any company, and it is crucial to have proper security protocols in place to protect customers’ sensitive information.

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