Logpoint SOAR & ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT entered the world of technology very quickly. It seems that ChatGPT will change how people and systems work. Firstly, Microsoft announced that Bing will be integrated with it. We will see more integrated tools with ChatGPT in near future and one of them will be Logpoint according to betanews.com.

Logpoint will integrate ChatGPT to its SOAR product. Logpoint SOAR provides automated threat detection, investigation, and response. SOAR comes with a range of pre-configured playbooks and provides the capability to create custom playbooks. ‘Integration with ChatGPT allows it to create an executive summary of the main findings and remediation recommendations from an investigation that’s easy for executives to read. A SOAR playbook can also provide ChatGPT with the severity level and main timeline events of an investigation to generate breach report drafts from attacks for an analyst to review and approve before further distribution, saving a lot of time spent on reporting‘ mentioned in the post by Betanews.

AI is already used in many cyber security tools. As an example, Darktrace and Mandiant are using AI for increasing detecting and analyzing capabilities in their tools. ChatGPT is an important opportunity for developers to integrate their tools with AI. With the development of ChatGPT rival projects like Bard from Google, cyber security works will change radically.

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