Cisco Licenses on Sale in Russia Illegally

After many companies sanctioned Russia, Cisco announced that it would leave Russia in June. According to CNews, illegal Cisco licenses appeared on sale in Russia after this decision.

It is mentioned that there are several methods to use Cisco licenses illegally. There are cases when a government agency hacked a Cisco product with the help of an external company. It was stated that cryptocurrency is another method for obtaining licenses.

On Sale

Russian integrator Ramek-VS provides a service called UNLIC openly and calls it “the return of the stability of the Cisco infrastructure.”

An example of the service of Ramek-VS

Ramek-VS also guarantees complete confidentiality and the absence of legal risks in the Russian legal field.

To talk about how this is done technically, one of the sources of these licenses are purely hacking activities. And the second method is that they are registering these licenses somewhere in China or Montenegro not like Russian equipment, but as if to be used in Montenegro.

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