Latest News of Russia & Ukraine Cyber War

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues with all its violence in the cyber environment as well as on land.

The day started with the news about the hacking of the websites of arbitration courts of the Russian Federation.

The courts of Moscow, Primorsky, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk Territories and other regions were attacked. The attackers posted texts insulting Vladimir Putin and Russians on the main pages related to the operation in Ukraine.

Anonymous still have a very active role for Ukrainian side in this cyber war.

As the latest activities of Anonymous, they attacked to the German facilities of the Russian energy firm Rosneft, and have stolen about 20 TB of confidential data. Rostneft is a very important supplier for different industries of Germany and this attack looks like it will have a lot of effects on the company’s operations.

Meanwhile today, the largest Ukrainian TV channel Ukraine-24 was hacked and the news about Zelensky called for laying down arms was published.

The news ticker of the TV channel Ukraine 24 was hacked by enemy hackers and they are broadcasting Zelensky’s message about the alleged “surrender”. It’s fake. Friends, we have repeatedly warned about this. No one is going to give up <…>,” the message published after the incident.

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