Samsung Confirms Incident

Samsung has confirmed the leak of the company’s internal data, including source code associated with Galaxy smartphones.

According to our initial analysis, the leak includes source code related to the operations of Galaxy devices, but does not include personal information of our customers and employees” Samsung officials told Bloomberg. Officials also added they has put in place new security measures and not expecting a similar incident in future.

The LAPSUS$ group claimed to have stolen 190 GB of data from Samsung, including the source code for trusted applets, algorithms for biometric authentication, bootloaders, and confidential data from Qualcomm chip supplier.

Firstly, LAPSUS$ shared a piece of data claiming leaked from Samsung and then, Samsung confirmed the data leakage.

Meanwhile, in RAID forum – an underground hacking forum, Admin portal credentials shared by threat actors.

Not too long, LAPSUS$ also stole 1TB of data from NVIDIA.

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