Unveiling Covert Threats: Gigabyte Systems’ Firmware Backdoor and Its Ramifications

Recently, the cybersecurity firm Eclypsium discovered suspected backdoor-like activities within Gigabyte systems. The platform’s heuristic detection methods uncovered the new supply chain threats, where legitimate third-party technologies are compromised. The primary concern lies with Gigabyte system firmware executing a Windows native executable during the system startup process. This executable proceeds to insecurely download and execute…Continue Reading

Government Websites in Senegal Hit by a Massive Cyberattack Amid Political Tensions

In a significant turn of events, an array of government websites in Senegal was brought down in a massive cyberattack, revealing the susceptibility of government cyberspace infrastructure. The incident comes amidst growing political tensions in the country, just nine months before the presidential elections. Allegedly, the renowned hacker collective known as Anonymous took responsibility for…Continue Reading

An Exploration of China’s Cyber-Espionage Activities in Africa and Beyond

In a digital age where information is as valuable as gold, cyber espionage has rapidly evolved into a cornerstone of international relations. A growing body of evidence suggests that China, one of the world’s major powers, is flexing its cyber muscles far beyond its borders, particularly in Africa and other developing regions. Our focus here…Continue Reading


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